Tungsten Rig Tubing


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Anti Tangle Tungsten Rig Tubing

Super heavy, fast sinking, easy thread, anti tangle Tungsten Rig Tubing.

Perfect for concealing fishing lines from wary carp.

Tungsten Tubing is the fish friendly, safe alternative to Lead Core. In the unfortunate event of a crack off Tungsten Tubing easily pulls from the mainline.

Tungsten Tubing also helps minimise damage to fish scales.

Colours Available
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Black 
With many fisheries having a ban on Lead Core, Tungsten Tubing really is an essential piece of tackle for any tackle box.

Our Tungsten Rig Tubing comes in 2 Meter lengths.

It has a 2mm outside diameter and a 0.75mm internal diameter.
Product Code:  JRT3x2m

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