Tungsten Rig Tubing


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Anti Tangle Tungsten Rig Tubing

Super heavy, fast sinking, easy thread, anti tangle Tungsten Rig Tubing.

Perfect for concealing fishing lines from wary carp.

Tungsten Tubing is the fish friendly, safer alternative to Lead Core. In the unfortunate event of a crack off Tungsten Tubing easily pulls from the mainline.

Tungsten Tubing also helps minimise damage to fish scales.

Colours Available
  • Dark Green
  • Brown
  • Black 
With many fisheries having a ban on Lead Core, Tungsten Tubing really is an essential piece of tackle for any tackle box.

Our Tungsten Rig Tubing comes in 2 Meter lengths.

It has a 2mm outside diameter and a 0.75mm internal diameter.
Product Code:  JRT3x2m

Ratings & Reviews

| 5 reviews
  • One of the best rig Tubing I have used. Really easy to thread sinks well and is camouflaged on the lake bed, 5stars

    Name: Alex Godwin
    Location: Lincolnshire
  • Best I've used

    This is excellent value for money, super supple and super heavy tubing, that pins everything down on the deck......cant fault it

    Name: Paul
    Location: LIVERPOOL
  • Rig tubing

    Best rig tubing I have ever used. Sinks like a brick and line just glides through unlike

    Korda and many other rig tubings I have used. 100% worth every penny

    Name: Cameron francis
    Location: Wales
  • Excellence

    No more struggling to thread the line with this Rig Tubing. Its excellent, first class. Sinks to the bottom with ease. The best I've ever used.

    Name: Alan Evans
    Location: Canterbury, Kent
  • Not used this tubing but threaded it tonight easy with dry line. Will be puting tubing through the rigorous angling this Autumn. Much better QUALITY than others in the branded lines in tackle shops, to be blunt they are inferior to this.

    Not much will get back in touch next Spring.

    Name: Daz Grant
    Location: Cheshire

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