Semi Stiff Coated Braid


| 14 reviews


Semi Stiff Coated Braid - 20lb

Semi stiff braid with a strippable coating.

Soft supple coating does not split when bedding down knots.

Available in weedy green and gravel brown.

Comes on 20 meter spools
Product Code:  ECB1G20

Ratings & Reviews

| 14 reviews
  • Possibly the best coated braid I’ve used.

    Easy to work with and strips no problem.

    Name: Jordan Bayles
    Location: Hull
  • Received a couple of complimentary short lengths of both green and brown with a recent order I received. This is high quality braid, the best I’ve used and will certainly be part of my next order come payday.

    Name: Andy Beckett
    Location: Peak District
  • after receiving a free sample of your hooklinks i was pleasantly surprised at how strong and durable the braid really is under my pulling pressure after seing this i was sold purchased 2 spools on my last order great work team BT

    Name: danny dagnall
    Location: hull east yorkshire
  • Best coated braid on the market and half the price of leading brands.

    Name: Carol
    Location: Stoke-on-Trent
  • Can't fault this braid, easy to use and strip back. The price is amazing as its so good quality.

    Name: Lee Street
    Location: Horsham
  • fantastic product and fantasic price!

    Easy to work with and you can strip it very easily. I think this has to be the best coated braid i've ever used! Thanks.

    Name: Darren Grimes
    Location: shropshire
  • Semi stiff coated braid

    Ticks all the boxes for me.

    Strips well

    knots brilliantly, and the coating doesn't break at the knot,(trust me, I have tried) great product

    Name: Eddy
    Location: Sussex
  • First class

    I purchased this expecting it to be at least ok or possibly very good but this surpassed my expectations. I'm very fussy with my hook link choice and up until now I've stuck to using Korda N trap and esp semi stiff coated but not anymore this stuff is actually better than both of those. It's slightly stiffer than the esp and more refined, the inner core seems to be bound together using a subtle amount of compound with the outer coating also being strong and refined which doesn't kink and split when bedding down knots.

    I'm just a regular Joe carp angler but this stuff has really impressed me as you can probably tell by this review.

    Well done bank tackle you obviously know your onions.

    Name: Steve B
    Location: Staffordshire
  • Semi stiff coated braid

    I’ve been an avid user of another companies semi stiff coated braid range for many years, it’s hard to try a new brand when confidence is there but a friend recommended banktackle to me and I gave it ago, I have to say I’m very impressed. Good quality braid easy to strip off coating, strong and excellent value for money at just over half the price of leading brands.. now my 1st choice for the business end 🎣

    Name: Alex
    Location: Stevenage
  • First time using this hooklink

    Very impressed with this product I've used all the other brands ie Korda , Fox ESP etc and I can honestly say this stuff is equal if not better than all these , value for money is great plus 20mtr spools is a bonus . First time out a mid 20lb common from a big snag swim handled it no probs , I'm so impressed with all the bank tackle products that I am now using them exclusively.

    Name: Gordon Clark
    Location: Reading

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