Rig Aligners


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Rig Aligners

Rig Aligners help carp fishermen to quickly and easily make a rig with a very aggressive hook angle, without the need for fiddly heat shrink tubing.

Rig Aligners are very simple to use, they just slide over the eye and shank of the Hook.

Styles Available
  • Kicker
  • Elbow
  • Short Elbow
  • Withypool
  • Sit up
Colours Available
  • Translucent Green
  • Translucent Brown
  • Black
Made from soft durable non reflective rubber.

Rig Aligners are becoming ever more popular in the carp fishing world and can be found in an ever increasing amount of tackle boxes.
Product Code:  JL1x10

Ratings & Reviews

| 2 reviews
  • Use these rig aligners all the time, reakon help me bring more fish on the bank

    Name: Sam Mill
    Location: Somerset
  • Amazing item

    Brilliant little kickers, they’re quite soft which makes them easy to get over hook eyes even on larger size fours.

    Name: Riley
    Location: West Midlands

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