Micro Flexi Ring Hook Swivels


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Micro Hook Swivels

These tiny size 22 Flexi Ring Micro Hook Swivels are ideal for mounting baits on your hook without the need for a hair.

With the use of Hook Stops these Swivels can be held in place on the shank of your carp hook and with extra manoeuvrability of the Flexi Ring will help aid in the perfect presentation of your chosen bait.

Can also be used on the D section of the popular D Rig for a great natural movement.
We also stock Size 8 and Size 11 Flexi Ring Swivels.

Product Code:  SFM1

Ratings & Reviews

| 2 reviews
  • Great

    Been using these micro flexi rings for sometime now great quality and inexpensive compared to other named items

    Name: Ian Austin
    Location: Walsall
  • Excellent

    This review is to cover all the products that I have ordered from bank tackle and every single one does what it should do and excellent at that so I will continue ordering from bank tackle they are the same quality tackle as all the other brands out there if not better. So a big thanks to bank tackle.

    Kind regards Stephen Haywood.

    Name: Stephen Haywood
    Location: East London

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