Lead-Free Leader


| 2 reviews


Lead-Free Leader - 45lb

Braided Lead-Free Leader material.

Easy to splice and sinks like a brick.

Available in Weedy Green and Gravel Brown on 10m spools.

Product Code:  ELFL1G45

Ratings & Reviews

| 2 reviews
  • Great Product

    Great Product really easy to splice and great for venues which have a Lead core ban

    Name: Paul Holder
    Location: Brighton
  • Top qulaity lead-free leader

    I have used many different lead-free leaders over the years but Bank Tankle Lead-Free leader is my go to. Super easy to slice, sinks fast and glues to the lake bed, super strong and a very fair price. I really cant recommend this stuff enough and the same goes for all the products on this site.

    Name: Craig
    Location: Worcestershire

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