Large Anti Tangle Sleeves 54mm


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Large Anti Tangle Sleeves 54mm

Anti Tangle Sleeves are designed to help reduce unwanted tangles when casting. Also when the rigs lands on the lake bed the Anti Tangle Sleeves kicks the rig away from the main Line and Lead helping aid in natural presentation of your hook and bait.

Made from a stiff durable rubber and available in Green and Brown.

These Anti Tangle Sleeves are large 54mm but can be cut down to size to suit your requirements of a particular rig.

We also sell 25mm and 35mm Anti Tangle Sleeves.

A must have piece of Terminal Tackle for any carpers tackle box.
Product Code:  JAL1x10

Ratings & Reviews

| 2 reviews
  • Large anti tangle sleeves

    Great product. Amazing quality and value for money.

    Name: Matthew Clarke
    Location: talywain
  • Great Quality

    The quality of these anti tangle sleeves are the best ones I have ever used, I have tried many well known brands which cost twice as much and the quality is no where near as good as the Bank Tackle ones, also the delivery service is the best I’ve ever had from any tackle dealer.

    Name: Tim Whalin
    Location: Walsall

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