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Fluorocarbon is the ultimate material for invisible hooklinks and leaders.

Virtually invisible underwater, this hooklink will give you a real edge.

Its stiff and rigid anti tangle properties make it ideal for a wide range of rigs including Stiff Hinged Rigs, Multi Rigs, D Rigs and many more, as well as being perfect for the boom section of the popular Ronnie Rig.

Our Fluorocarbon is available in the following breaking strains/dimensions...

  • 10lb - 0.33mm
  • 12lb - 0.35mm
  • 15lb - 0.40mm
  • 20lb - 0.45mm
  • 25lb - 0.50mm
  • 35lb - 0.60mm

All breaking strains come of 20 Meter spools.

Product Code:  EFU10

Ratings & Reviews

| 2 reviews
  • Terminal tackle

    I have personally used all manor of terminal tackle from Bank tackle and i can say it is 100% as good as the big named brands. Come on who needs the fancy packaging that gets thrown away anyway. Order online snd your tackle arrives a few days later. Whats there not to like.

    Name: Jamie Seamark
    Location: Norfolk
  • Fluorocarbon

    Superb product

    Name: Chad West
    Location: London

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