Continental Hooks


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Continental Hooks

Continental hooks are the strongest style hook available and are suitable for the biggest of fish or the snaggiest/weediest waters. They are a great choice for anglers targeting huge overseas carp. They have a straight point, which fish find very hard to eject.

Continental hooks are suitable for both pop up and bottom baits. They are a very popular choice for Multi Rigs, Ronnie Rigs and 360 Rigs.

These hooks are manufactured in Japan. They are made from the finest grade Japanese High Carbon Steel, giving them far superior strength compared to many other hooks on the market.

They have dull grey double PTFE (Teflon) coating. The double PTFE coating helps give them a silky smooth finish for quicker hook penetration. 

These hooks are extremely sharp straight out of the pack. The super hard points on these hooks make them perfect for those anglers who like to sharpen their hooks even further. They can be filed down to near needle like points whilst still remaining strong.

Available in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8. In both micro barbed and barbless.
Product Code:  HJSB6x10

Ratings & Reviews

| 7 reviews
  • Very sharp straight out the bag and super strong, quality hooks at realistic prices. Very durable points that seem to last with a selection of patterns to suit any type of rig, the continentals are deadly for bottom baits with the silicon around the bend.

    Name: Gavin Franklin
    Location: Northamptonshire
  • What fantastic hooks in all the patterns you need great strength and super Sharpe you don't need to go any where else but Bank Tackle... spot on

    Name: Simon francis
  • Wanted a change of hooks after having problems with a known brand and Bank Tackle was a brand iv used for other bits so decided to try out the hooks and what a decision super sharp absolutely never coming once in. for the price u get unreal quality :)

    Name: Rob Bown
    Location: Nottingham
  • The new Japanese hooks are super sharp and really strong, they really do stand apart from other hooks. I've never had so much confidence in a hook as these!

    Name: Jay Carrick
    Location: Highley
  • My go to hook! Having tried most on the market and never been satisfied I took the leap to bank tackle. Often in this world lower price means lower quality but not here. These hooks have never failed me fishing for wild carp in a natural snaggy river environment where hit and hold is the order of the day. The size 2’s are perfect for 20mm plus baits and big snowman rigs, and the straight eye is a lot more versatile than an in or out turned eye.

    Name: Joe Savage
    Location: Nottingham
  • Excellent value for money sharp and easy to sharpen perfect for my multi rigs.

    Name: Richard
    Location: South of England
  • Perfect hooks at the right price can't wait to test them out.

    Name: Bob
    Location: Middlesbrough

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