Classic Wide Gape Hooks


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Classic Wide Gape Hooks

Wide gape hooks have been around for many years now and have proved to be one of the most effective hooks in the carp fishing world.

Wide gape hooks are very versatile and can be used for many different rig set ups but are most commonly used with a standard hair rig. The aggressive pattern allows for extremely good hook holds and if presented correctly will turn bites in to fish on the bank.

The wide gape hooks in this range have an in-turned eye and aggressive talon tipped beaked point.

These hooks are manufactured in Japan. They are made from the finest grade Japanese High Carbon Steel, giving them far superior strength compared to many other hooks on the market.

They have dull grey double PTFE (Teflon) coating. The double PTFE coating helps give them a silky smooth finish for quicker hook penetration. 

These hooks are extremely sharp straight out of the pack. The super hard points on these hooks make them perfect for those anglers who like to sharpen their hooks even further. They can be filed down to near needle like points whilst still remaining strong.

Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, in both micro barbed and barbless.
Product Code:  HJWB8x10

Ratings & Reviews

| 39 reviews
  • These are the only hooks that I use now and there are many reasons behind it. Firstly, they're the first hooks that I've came across that genuinely are all sharp out of the packet. Never had an issue with the points. As for the strength of the hooks, can't be faulted. They are very strong and sharp hooks and I have full faith in using them. Would 110% recommend them to anyone.

    Name: Tom Neale
    Location: Coventry
  • these hooks are second to none, never let me down. always have faith that these will land me all my takes. top quality at excellent prices.

    Name: gary may
    Location: Essex
  • Having used a wide variety of hooks and finding a particular brand and pattern I was happy with I had no reason to change. And then, I suddenly started getting dropped runs and knew something was wrong. All I changed was the hook to a Japanese Wide Gape size 6 and I started landing all my runs. I took these hooks to a big french river and landed Carp to 30+ and catfish to 50+ which is some serious going, the talon tip points were still super sharp even after being embedded in the abrasive catfish pads. I highly recommend these hooks. Do not be fooled by the excellent pricing

    Name: Matt Velamail
    Location: Rotherham
  • Quality hooks. Genuinely surprised at how good these are, especially for the price. They are very well made hooks with a great finish and they are very sharp. I would highly recommend these. Thank you Bank Tackle for providing great products at great prices.

    Name: Phil
    Location: UK
  • I've gone from using mainstream named hooks to these bad boys.. Amazingly sharp. Not had a single hook break. And they nail every time. Cheap but most certainly better than cheerful. Full marks bank tackle..

    Name: Jon eagles
    Location: Hertfordshire
  • Ive always been very particular when it comes to choosing hooks I used to use a very well known brand of hook until I got my hands on a the new range from these guys I mainly use the wide gapes and boy not only are they sharp they stay sharp quality tackle at quality prices with a top quality service thanks again guys.

    Name: Jamie Edmonds
    Location: Nene valley
  • Really nice hooks. Hard to tell them apart from the popular big brand wide gapes. In fact, if I mixed them all up... I doubt I could. Very sharp straight from the packet and we'll finished. Used them for chub and barbel on the Ouse so far, not tested in the weedy situations but they do seem strong.

    Name: Phil
    Location: Elstow
  • These hooks are amazing strong and better than a big named brand I used to use I was worried due to the silly price of these hooks as I was paying £4.50 for just 10 hooks well not anymore thanks to bank tackle well done guys these hooks are so sharp so strong I will never go back to the other brand like the carp I'm hooked

    Name: Des
    Location: South wales
  • The Mrs brought me a couple of packs, must say very pleased can't wait to give them a try,

    Name: Ian
    Location: Staffs
  • Half the price and better then all the other size 6 wide gapes I’ve ever used. 100% confidence in these 👍👍

    Name: Dean bakker
    Location: Bedfordshire

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