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Chod Hooks

Chod hooks are designed with an out-turned eye for effective presentation pop up baits. This presentation results in excellent hook holds on captured fish.

Chod hooks are the go to hooks for most rigs which incorporate a buoyant bait, such as Zig rigs and Chod rigs. However, they can be equally as effective with a bottom bait tied with a hair rig.

These Chod hooks have an aggressive talon tipped beaked point.

These hooks are manufactured in Japan. They are made from the finest grade Japanese High Carbon Steel, giving them far superior strength compared to many other hooks on the market.

They have dull grey double PTFE (Teflon) coating. The double PTFE coating helps give them a silky smooth finish for quicker hook penetration. 

These hooks are extremely sharp straight out of the pack. The super hard points on these hooks make them perfect for those anglers who like to sharpen their hooks even further. They can be filed down to near needle like points whilst still remaining strong.

Available in sizes 4, 6 and 8, in both micro barbed and barbless.
Product Code:  HJDB6x10

Ratings & Reviews

| 4 reviews
  • Absolute Top quality hooks. I've been using them since they came out and they've not let me down once. Highly recommend

    Name: Matthew mccolgan
  • Tried the chod hooks against my favourite much more expensive hooks I have used for years in France a few weeks ago, 7 fish no losses and none were coming off due to the talon tip beaked point, I am sold on this pattern and will be using them exclusively in the future, do not be put off due to the amazingly low price, a sure fire winner

    Name: Chris Jarvis
    Location: West Midlands
  • Just ordered a 20 of these, heard nothing but good reviews about this company, I'll be sure to tell you what I catch using them 👍🏻

    Name: Alfie Clarke
    Location: Stoke-on-trent
  • Excellent, super sharp hook at an unbeatable price.

    Name: Peter roberts
    Location: King's lynn

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