Bank Tackle Clipper Lighter


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Bank Tackle Clipper Lighter
No angler should be without a reliable lighter when fishing. Lighters have a multitude of uses such as lighting stoves and camp fires as well as more technical rig making uses like dabbing the line when making D Rigs.

These are genuine Clipper Lighters with printed Bank Tackle branding, not a cheap sticker.

Clipper Lighters can be refilled with gas and the flints can also also be replaced. So unless you have a sticky fingered friend your Bank Tackle Lighter should last you for many years.

Available in black or white.

Please Note - Only saleable to persons 18 years old and over.

Product Code:  M1B

Ratings & Reviews

| 1 review
  • Brilliant. Is an actual clipper lighter. Not a cheapo copy. And the logo is printed. Not just a cheap sticker. Love it. Best fishing lighter ever. Thank you Bank Tackle

    Name: Phil
    Location: U.K.

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