70 Piece Pop Up Corn Set



Pop Up Corn - 70 Piece Set

Great value imitation carp fishing bait set.

Pop up corn is a great carp bait. It can be both used to top other baits and used double stacked on a hair, fished over a bed of trout pellets can result in massive hauls.

Pack Contains
  • 10 x Yellow Pop Up Corn
  • 10 x Black Pop Up Corn
  • 10 x White Pop Up Corn
  • 10 x Red Pop Up Corn
  • 10 x Pink Pop Up Corn
  • 10 x Green Pop Up Corn
  • 10 x Orange Pop Up Corn
Made from soft durable rubber this pop up corn set will last for many seasons to come.
Product Code:  KCNZ

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